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I want to tell you about our life with Lucy, who we got in Feb. 2011. It would be hard for me to describe such a wonderful cat. I’ll give a few highlights. She is commonly referred to as “the world’s most beautiful girl-cat.” She is gentle in all ways, never having used a claw or tooth on either of us, even when we are attempting to satiate her never-ending appetite for treats, or play with her using a favorite feather or string. She will let us willingly pet any part of her luscious fur. Her magnificent tail is almost always wagging at the end - a truly remarkable feature! She is completely trusting of us as she will at any time fall over and lounge in the middle of what you are doing, even in the hallway, and she doesn’t move! You have to step over or move around her!  She will reach up for treats on just her back legs and stay, like a bear. Lucy talks to us - she barks and chirps a lot. Lucy understands English [somewhat]. When I tell her to stay, she will - when I tell her we’re leaving, she knows it . She LOVES grass from the lawn, and acts like it’s the best of treats, along with turkey. She will lay stretched out on the smallest of cat- pole perches, with her giant body hanging way off on both ends. Lucy knows how to get what she wants - she will either stare you down and/or put her big paw on you or maybe start to lick your nose! Lucy is such a beautiful cat that I can just sit in a chair and do nothing but look at her. I’ve had cats all my life, but Lucy is truly a first for me. I can’t help thinking if her brothers and sisters are all as amazing as she.  Dave Swenson

We adopted our beloved Mikko from Bigrivercoon about 3 years ago. For us, she's not a cat, she is a family member. Maine Coons are the most loveable, cuddly, easy-going, people-oriented kitties in the world, and they get along well with other pets. She purrs non-stop, rides on your shoulders, loves to be held and relaxes in your arms like a rag doll. She warms up to strangers easily and is not at all skittish. We think this is because Becky did an excellent job of socializing her when she was a kitten. In fact, we were very impressed with every aspect of the adoption process at Bigrivercoon. Before Becky would let us adopt a kitten, she interviewed us to make sure we were a good fit. She obviously cares quite a bit about who she works with. We went to her home to pick Mikko up and noted that it was clean and not overcrowded and that she cares very much about her cats. She sat down with us and told us all about Maine Coons and what to expect, and how to care for our kitten. Since then she has maintained contact with us and responds promptly to our questions. We were very impressed with the whole process. When we adopt our next kitten, we will go through Bigrivercoon again, no question. -----Carla and Jim

bulletAfter my 19 year-old Persian died last year I researched the various breeds and decided to look at Maine Coons. I wound up getting Lucas from Bigrivercoon Maine Coons. He's gorgeous, big, sweet, gentle, silly, and totally my boy. His favorite thing is to sleep with me... He's not hugely active but he's a playful clown. Lucas is a hardy, healthy boy and a gentle, loving big brother to a younger male kitten in the household. He's fastidious with litter boxes and grooms his "little brother" and himself regularly. He gives lots of slurpy kisses - which I guess is a trait of the Maine Coons but new to me. Temperament is essential in a large cat and Lucas is easy to manage and groom and even coach into walking on a leash. He's loving but not clingy. He socializes easily and travels to work with me regularly where the staff come by to admire and pet him throughout the day. Everybody loves this cat - he's literally and deservedly the star of the show wherever he goes. -- Sandarah

bulletI am truly delighted and thrilled each day that I spend with my red classic tabby Maine Coon, Gomer. I met Becky at a cat show and very much liked her as a person – for me this is important. Becky encouraged me to stay in touch if I were interested in a kitten. I waited and then one evening sent an e-mail to Big River Coon – and was surprised with an immediate reply! After a careful interview so that I understood the kind of care Big River Coon kittens require, I traveled to Becky’s home to pick-up Gomer when he was 14 weeks old. His temperament is terrific: he’s very bright, full of fun, easy going and cuddly, travels on my shoulders (likes to sit on my head!), likes being in the car in his crate, and loves to go for long walks on his leash. It’s clear to me that Becky gave him quality care as a loved kitten in her home. When I took Gomer to my Vet for his first visit, my Vet commented on his good health, how his quality breeding really helps with strong growth, and that Big River Coon provided accurate records. Gomer is thriving. I am very happy and enjoy letting Becky know of Gomer's adventures.--Madi

bulletIf you are fortunate enough to adopt one of Becky's Maine Coon cats, you'll have one fabulous fur kid as we call them! We met Becky at a TICA regional cat show in July 2010. We liked her immediately! She was the only breeder at the show who took a genuine interest in talking with us. She was very open and willing to take the time to tell with us about the Maine Coon breed, her breeding program and her adoption process. We let Becky know that we'd be interested in adopting from her at some point in the future and that our preference was a red male. Now fast forward to 2015 and we are the proud "slaves" to some of Becky's amazing Maine Coons!

We've had cats all our lives and have always been a multi-cat family. We particularly love Maine Coons because of their size and temperament. Moose was the first BRC fur kid we adopted from Becky and it didn't take us long to realize, we wanted to add more BRC fur faces to our "herd" of cats. Becky does such an outstanding job of socializing her cats - they have excellent manners and habits - they're laid back - they love to be held - they sit by us and are always close by. They love to be groomed - they follow us all around the house - they come running when they're called and they're talkers! They also have a goofy side (especially the red boys) and provide us with constant entertainment. Becky takes such care in socializing her cats - she puts all of her love, time and energy into each cat and it truly shows. Becky truly has a gift for raising incredible Maine Coons! Pat and David

bulletWhen I first contacted Becky, she got right back to me with all the necessary questions and instructions. I knew that if I had a good breeder they would want to know all about us and the possible new home of one of her kittens.  I stayed in contact with Becky until a kitten was available for us. The experience was smooth and easy.  The kitten we got is perfect.  First he is beautiful! He is also very well adjusted.  We can touch him everywhere. We can brush his belly without any trouble. Our kitten, Berkley, came to us loving people and wanting to be around people.  He loves to play, of course, but equally loves to cuddle. I attribute this to the socialization done by the breeder, Becky.   I will not go anywhere else when seeking another Maine Coon. Thank You Becky!!!
Ed and Betsy Sullivan

bulletBecky Boesch has done a remarkable job in defining her cats. They are large with long legs, fantastic boning and very bushy tails. But, most importantly, Bigrivercoon Cats are self-aware exuding much self confidence and happy dispositions. We love our red boy with all of the above mentioned attributes!!" --PJ and Rick

bulletI recently purchased a kitten from Bigrivercoon Maine Coons. His name is Bigrivercoon Rock Hudson. He is a brown classic tabby. This has been a thoroughly wonderful addition to our home. I highly recommend Bigrivercoon to anyone wanting to have a warm, loving and affectionate animal to add to their family. Thank you so much Becky for our wonderful boy, Bigrivercoon Rock Hudson. --Bernie and Anita

bulletGetting Samson was a dream come true. He is one gorgeous big loving cat. I look at him and can't believe how handsome he is and how attached I am to him. He took to my home as though he belonged there. It did not take him long to adjust to his surroundings. He is energetic and so much fun to be around. I don't think he was ever bashful even the first day I got him. He is always trying to be a lap cat but he ends up sitting next to me because he's a big guy. Becky, thank you so much for Samson. Whenever we talked on the phone about him I knew he would be the cat for me. He is just awesome. You have an excellent breeding program and you care so much about your cats. I feel so fortunate to have found you. I feel so fortunate to have him in my life. Thank you so much for everything. --Maureen

bulletAfter losing our 15 year old cat to kidney failure we decided to seek the Maine Coon breed because of the laid back, loving reputation they have. After many breeders later we found Bigrivercoon. What really stood out to us was how much time Becky invested in us to make sure we were the perfect family....Four months later we met our beautiful, sweet girl Morgan. From the moment we saw her,we knew Becky chose the perfect match. We fell in love with this little girl and we decided to seek another bundle of joy. This time Becky bought us together with Remy, a red and white male. What a goofball!! He describes the nickname gentle giant to a tee.
Thank you Bigrivercoon for raising such wonderful cats.--Jessica and Branden

bulletWe acquired our wonderful daughter Delilah ("Lilly") from Becky in 2014. We have had Maine Coon cats for decades and absolutely adore them. Lilly has the most amazing temperament! One of the things that really impressed me about Becky was that it was clear that she loved all of her cats and kittens and treated them as members of the family. Breeding kittens is not a business to her, it is a labor of love. She raises the kittens as members of her household and this leads to very well socialized kittens with great temperaments.

She also screens all of her breeding cats for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and and hip dysplasia. She also researches the ancestors of any cat she is considering bringing into her breeding program to make sure that the ancestors are also clear of the genes that can lead to these horrible diseases.

She also has a rigorous screening process for prospective new owners which I think is very important. Beware of any breeder who is willing to sell you a kitten without asking you a lot of questions about yourself! That breeder doesn't care about their kittens-they only care about selling you a commodity. Kittens are not commodities. They are going to be members of your family. Becky wants to make sure that they are going to have wonderful homes for their entire lives.

We have stayed in touch with Becky and she has cheered us on as we have shared with her the developments in Lilly's life. Becky asked us for a photo of Lilly at her one year birthday and that photo of our beautiful, wonderful girl now graces Becky's website.

We cannot recommend Becky highly enough.

Susan and Blaine

bulletWe were mourning the loss of our Maine Coon mix when we found Becky's website. We contacted her immediately to ask if any young adults were available. After exchanging a few emails, it was clear that Becky is committed to the health and well-being of her cats. The application process was very thorough and we’re grateful for the detailed questions. She’s interested in matching her cats to the right homes, not a quick sale. We took a short video of our home to demonstrate our commitment to providing a safe, loving home. When Joie, a retired breeder, became available, we were thrilled. She is a gorgeous black tortie with the sweetest disposition anyone could hope for.

When we picked Joie up at the cattery, we were greeted by several curious kitties, all of whom were eager for interaction. Becky truly raises her cats “underfoot.” Many breeders say this, but the demeanor of her cats prove it. When we brought Joie home, we expected her to be shy. Nope! She came out of her carrier and immediately rolled over for belly rubs. She’s been a loving, cuddly companion ever since.

Of course, the only thing more fun than one Maine Coon is two Maine Coons. Becky is so tuned into the personalities and temperaments of her cats that we put absolute trust in her to select a companion kitten for Joie. She walked us through what to expect with a kitten and gave great advice for a smooth transition. We made a few short term changes to our house for “kitten proofing” to ensure that our home was safe. Simon, a solid black boy, came to live with us 2 months later. Like Joie, he adjusted immediately. He did not hide or show any signs of aggression or distress. He moved in as a fuzzy little goofball and is growing into an elegant (still slightly goofy) house panther.

We set up a Facebook page for the cats so that Becky could keep in touch with us, and them. Becky’s always been available for questions and we cannot say enough kind things about our experience with her. She raises beautiful, healthy cats and we wouldn’t go to anyone else.
--Joan and Paul Franklin

bulletIn November 2015 I lost my fifteen-year-old Maine Coon. It was sudden and devastating. I tried to convince myself that no litter box and no fur would be a good thing, but it didn’t last. Within a month, I was fervently on the search. After a disappointing almost kitten I luckily fell into Becky’s hands and along came Pollyanna, aka Polly Perfect.
Polly can open every cupboard and drawer in the house and take bounding leaps to the top of anything she chooses. When she isn’t talking, you know she’s asleep. She’s funny, goofy, and a tease. Loving, cuddly, and sweet. She already knew about kitty-kisses. Thank you, Becky.

There was no adjustment when I got her home. I just gave her the run of the house and she settled right in. She has slept right next to me since day one, even if I lie down in the afternoon to read. She’s everywhere I am with her nose right in the middle of whatever I’m doing, talking.
She has been such a joy. When I’m on my way home from errands l look forward to her being there.
--Bonnie Lowes.


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