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 About Us

A few years ago, a small, bedraggled, wet kitten came to our front door on Thanksgiving eve. I picked him up, bundled him in some warm dry towels, and tucked him away for the night. The next morning I ushered him off to the vet to make sure he was healthy. I was sure he was about 6 months old and so did the vet until she opened his mouth and noticed he still had baby teeth. "My," she exclaimed. "He's only 3 months of age." So began our love affair with Brutus, our Maine Coon wannabe. When I asked the vet about him, she stated that he obviously had Maine Coon in him. He grew to be 18 pounds of all love with a little bit of goofball thrown in. Thus began my investigation of the breed and the more I learned about these wonderful cats, the more I fell in love with them. They truly are gentle giants and no one could ask for more loyal companions. Brutus is no longer with us but he will always be my first and most beloved "Maine Coon."

I began visiting cat shows to learn what "real" Maine Coons looked like and in 2006 obtained my first Maine Coon, RW SCGA Ahwannacoon Magic Bullet from Anne and Randy Greenlee. Bullet and I had quite the show year in TICA. Not only did Bullet supreme (the highest honor in TICA) but he was the sixth best Maine Coon alter internationally, the fifth best alter in the Northwest region and the best Maine Coon alter in the Northwest region. Thank you Anne and Randy for giving me such a wonderful boy. My Bullet is truly breathtaking both in appearance but also in gentleness, all 21 pounds of him. I was hooked.

We acquired our first breeding girls from Dr. Kay Heimer of Mysticoon Cattery and cannot express enough gratitude for the wonderful cats she gave us. Our first breeding girl, Ebony, has become an Outstanding Dam attesting to the quality of Kay's cats. Eva became our first Supreme Grand Champion girl. Thank you Kay for entrusting us with such wonderful cats. If it not were the support of my mentors and friends, Kay Heimer and Anne Greenlee, Bigrivercoon would not exist. I am indebted to you both.

Because breeding Maine Coons is our hobby and we want to ensure that each of our cats get the attention they deserve, our cattery is intentionally small only producing a few litters a year. Our cats have the run of the house (literally) and since my husband and I have no children, the cats are our big furry babies. We strongly believe that cats are not something to possess as objects. Instead, they are living things whose presence in our homes add both comfort and joy to our lives. With this in mind, our goal is to place kittens in homes where they will be loved first and foremost.

All of our cats are registered in both CFA and TICA. In order to ensure that we are producing cats that meet the breed standard, we show our cats regularly mostly in TICA and we look forward to producing many winners in the future. Please enjoy our website and thanks for admiring our beautiful cats.


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