Big River Coon, Maine Coon Cats

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 Ebony's Grandchildren

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Bigrivercoon Whitewater Willy

Photo by Unlimited Photography

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Bigrivercoon Bugsy Malone

Photo by Unlimited Photography


Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Bigrivercoon Sockeye Sam

Photo by Chanan


Regional Winner, Quad Grand Champion Bigrivercoon Bacardi

We are pleased to announce that Bacardi, Ebony's daughter, is now eligible to be an Outstanding Dam as well. Like her mother, she is an excellent example of the breed and deserves to be recognized for her noteworthy contribution to Cascademtn cattery. We are proud of her.

See Bacardi's Grand Children

Photo by Helmi


Regional Winner, Double Grand Champion Bigrivercoon Maia of Ahwannacoon

Photo by Ahwannacoon


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